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The Power of Embracing Your Natural Beauty: A Call to Action for Women With Curly Hair

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

It's time to wake up and embrace the truth. The truth that the "beast" we've been so afraid of is actually a gentle creature, yearning for love, understanding, and proper care. It's time for us, as adults, to unlearn the misconceptions about our own natural beauty and recognize the proud lineage of naturally curly women who have only sought acceptance in a world that often lacks an open mind.

Natural Mother Learning About Natural Beauty Online

Let's talk about the importance of properly styling our children's natural hair. We must remember that even though their hair may be slightly resilient at younger ages, it can still break off, if not handled with care. Also, let's not forget the challenging phase of puberty, where many young women experience hair loss and breakage. While hormonal changes play a role, it's crucial to acknowledge that there are other contributing factors, environmentally and habitually.

Science teaches us that there is never a single explanation for how our bodies are affected when using different chemicals and products. It's a complex web of chemicals interacting and sometimes disagreeing, resulting in adverse reactions. Our external interactions have a profound impact on our internal reactions, and this can happen overnight or over time.

As we raise our daughters in the curly girl society, we need to break away from the traditional straight hair mentality. It's our responsibility to help the world unlearn the stigma surrounding curly hair, to embrace our unique crowns regardless of ethnicity, and to empower our daughters to choose between embracing their true natural selves or exploring different hair care styles. Let's guide them with knowledge and confidence, encouraging them to love and care for their hair in a way that celebrates their individuality.

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