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Refreshing Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipe to Boost Your Health

Being #FāGameeGrateful for 2024 week 2, we posted about one of my favorite new smoothies. This smoothie is both refreshing and health-conscious for those trying to incorporate a super food or 2 into your daily diet.

The beauty (*pun intended*) of drinking smoothies daily is the fact that you get to receive your daily recommended fruit and veggie servings without thinking too hard about how or when it will happen. This can take the place of breakfast, as an on-the-go treat. Or, it can be a refreshingly healthy snack after work, while you're cooking dinner. A 16- to 24-ounce smoothie can even take the place of a meal and a snack, and it's all natural. No supplements or additives, or "dieting" necessary.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Adding 1/2 of a Dragon Fruit into a smoothie renders a plethora of health and beauty benefits. As a well-known "super food," this fruit is rich in micronutrients and antioxidants. From enhancing the look and feel of the hair and skin to reducing the risks of diabetes and cancer, this juicy sweet addition to your daily, or weekly, smoothie will be one for great long-term advantages for the body.

Adding 1/2 cup of Mixed Berries into a smoothie is another way to gain great health and beauty benefits. Experts rave about berries being among the top sources of disease-fighting nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This means that mixing them, or even picking a favorite or 2 (ex.: strawberries and blueberries or raspberries) can help with anything from clearing the skin to reducing the risk of a heart attack.

Adding 1/2 cup of Carrots into a smoothie continues to add to the aforementioned plethora of health and beauty benefits for the body. This root veggie does a little more than just help with vision and the eyes, its nutrients protect the body against diseases and even helps with weight management.

My go-to smoothie ingredient is the Banana. For those who enjoy protein shakes, this is my protein and potassium addition to all of my shakes and smoothies. This is also my sugar substitute or addition. When this fruit is added to a smoothie or shake, there is no need for protein supplements or sugars. Its natural sweetness, matched with its many vitamins and minerals are just what the doctor ordered to top off such a nutrient- and antioxidant- rich drink.

Personally, I enjoy my Coconut-Almond Milk, it's the best of both worlds in my opinion. However, experts lean more toward fat-free and low fat cow's milk or whole-nut milk, like almond or cashew milks, for heart-healthy unsaturated fats. Another option, is adding 1/2 cup of water, which is always encouraged for the purpose of added hydration.

When preparing, it's always best to pour the liquid into the blender first. Then, spoon out the dragon fruit, since it is the softest of the fruits, next to the banana. I like to follow-up with the mixed berries. Then chop the carrots down, into bite-sized pieces, to assure no blade-jamming of the machine being used. Finally, chop down the banana, or cut in half for a smoother blend. A final addition to this would be to add a few cubes of ice, in order to maintain the chill, though completely optional.

This deliciously refreshing 16- to 24- ounce smoothie can be drank as a breakfast or lunch, and snack. If desired, the veggies may be substituted, or additional veggies may be added. A few smoothie addition favorites around my house are broccoli, kale, and spinach. The perfect starter to the day, or energy booster throughout the day, offering much of your needed daily nutrition in 1 large cup. Not to mention, it's contribution to helping with weight loss and hair growth #goals.


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