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We Are The Nubians of The Natural Girl Haven

At FāGamee Naturals, we believe in the power of natural beauty and wellness, and are passionate about helping you embrace a natural lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your best self through our all-natural products and services, which are carefully crafted to meet your unique needs. We also offer natural hair care and maintenance training, along with lifestyle coaching and a total body beauty and wellness intensive program, so you can look and feel your best from the inside out. Join us along this journey of embracing and reconnecting with nature in the healthiest ways possible.

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Meet the Team

We are committed to filling a significant gap in the beauty and wellness industry - a gap that affects mothers and their children with 4C

hair. While there is an increasing focus on catering to women with 4C hair, the same

level of attention is not given to the young ones. Here at FāGamee, we believe it's time for change.

We all remember the childhood experiences of getting our hair done - the pulling, the

tugging, and sometimes, the burns from hair relaxers and hot combs. Though these experiences were rooted in love and the best intentions, they weren't always rooted in the best

practices. These are traditions that many of us, now as mothers, have unintentionally

passed down to our children.

We're here to help you to rewrite that narrative. Your child's 4C hair is beautiful, and it should not

be a source of pain or discomfort - neither for you nor for them. At FāGamee, we bridge the education gap, transforming the way you approach your child's hair care. We take you from doing what you know, to knowing what to do.

Imagine a future where our children not only enjoy the hair they were born with, but

also know how to care for it - a generation that walks into a salon well-educated,

capable of choosing a stylist that truly understands their unique hair type. That's the

future FāGamee aims to build.


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