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Self-Care Test

Rate Emotional, Physical, and Mental Scale.


Add up the numbers for your answers. Then, read further to find out what's the best next steps for you.

  • 35 to 50 points

Check yourself! You are in need of some serious self TLC. In this state, you may ignore your own intuition and natural abilities, which means you second guess yourself unnecessarily. This could lead to some serious setbacks in your daily life and career.

Emotionally, you refuse to address your inner feelings for fear of what others may think of you.

Physically, you refuse to take responsibility for your current health and lack thereof.

Mentally, you deflect inner thoughts toward habitual excuses.

On the bright side, you are somewhat aware of your natural abilities and prospects for a positive future outcome. However, you believe your inner self-doubter more than you believe your inner self-motivator. This can be a recipe for disaster, if you continue to ignore that which stands in front of you for your liberation.

  • 10 to 34 points

You're on the right track! Though you need to tweak some self-care habits, you understand that you can be enough for the advancement of your future.

Emotionally, you may struggle with addressing your inner feelings, but that doesn't stop you from addressing them on your own time.

Physically, you may procrastinate with daily exercise, but that doesn't stop you from seeking valuable ways of meeting your own personal goals.

Mentally, you may struggle with negative thoughts (who doesn't!?), but you don't allow them to steal your daily thunder.

You are a work in progress (we all are!). You are aware of your natural abilities and prospects for a future outcome and are determined to fight through any trials that come your way. You believe that your inner self-motivator is stronger than your inner self-doubter. Continuing to push through adversities will eventually liberate you and lead to your undeniable success.

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