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Cosmetology for Naturals

Some might ask the question, "What makes cosmetology important if an individual is natural?"

A cosmetologist would respond with the answer, "Cosmetology is all things hair and beauty related."

This answer is only partially correct!

The reality is that though cosmetology is important to learn if an individual considers themself to be natural, it is not all things hair and beauty. In fact, it is only most things hair and beauty.

I know! I'm splitting hairs (wink*wink).

Any cosmetologist who is true to themselves will admit that in order for the best cosmetologist to become the best of the best, they must expand their knowledge of natural hair care outside the classroom. In fact, in many fields of work, this is the case. Not just cosmetology! The best of the best can only be the best with continued education and practice.

Though a naturalist strives to steer clear of any chemical treatments, heat applied styles, and pretty much any other services offered in most salons, short of skin and relaxation services, it is extremely important to know the mechanics of it all. In knowing the mechanics of the hair and head, one can embody the total package of complete natural hair care and maintenance. This means actually knowing why it is important to an individual to be natural, become natural, or just be aware of the importance of knowing the correct way to maintain natural hair.

Knowledge is what makes cosmetology extremely important for naturals, especially if one considers him- or herself to be a stylist for naturals or a hair culturist. The information one receives from learning general safety precautions to chemical hair treatment procedures, to proper styling techniques and business basics are very valuable. One might argue that an individual cannot be a successful hairstylist of any beauty category without some basic cosmetology training or knowledge.

The reality is, in order to be well rounded in any field of work, foundation plays a major role. With natural hair care and maintenance, cosmetology and the basic knowledge thereof, is its foundation. This is why the Natural Hair Care and Maintenance Training begins with the introduction to cosmetology as a foundation to actually learning all things hair and beauty.

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