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Healthy Lifestyle Choices and Healthy Hair




2 Weeks

About the Course

This self-paced online training bridges the gap of why health is a major part of accomplishing overall success in total beauty and hair care goals with:

  • Beauty Detox

  • Beauty Detox Phases

  • Beauty in Healthy Skin

  • Beauty in Healthy Hair and Eyes

  • Full Body Beauty and Glow

  • Meal Prep and Recipes

Your Instructor

Chauntaye F.

Chauntaye is a Natural Hair Culturist and Nutritionist with over 15 years of styling experience with "growing hands", over 10 years of medical assisting experience with infectious disease, internal medicine, and wholistic medicine with nutrition, in addition to over 7 years of natural hair and skin care with product and ingredient research and development.

Chauntaye F.
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