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Interest Self-Test

Personality is tied into interests. This quiz will offer an idea of where the future may lie, based on personal preferences.


Add up the number of A, B, and C answers. Then, read further to find out what's of the most interest for you.

  • Mainly A

A good choice here is hair color, which involves chemistry, detail work, and specific problem solving. Though color can be creative, these individuals need strong fundamentals and a mind for details to reach the top. In this case, pictures are brought in, which help to get from point A to point B.

  • Mainly B

A good choice here is hair cutting, which involves an understanding of geometry, lines, and shapes. The ability to gather ideas and make suggestions is important. In this case, being advanced gives individuals several options for cutting methods to try out.

  • Mainly C

A good choice here is the demand for attention to details, the ability to crunch numbers, and an understanding of desires and consumer trends. An additional consideration to working alone, is the ability to simultaneously manage others. In this case, liking to take responsibility for oneself and others helps with the focus of business.

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