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Join the Natural Hair Care and Maintenance Training and Become the Natural Beauty Maven You Were Born to Be!

A Self-Paced Online Training Platform

Whether you're a busy mom looking to enhance your child's natural locks, a stylist eager to expand your expertise, or simply a hair enthusiast yearning to master the art of natural hair care, our program is tailor-made for you. And the best part? Our self-paced online training platform allows you to learn on your own schedule. Offering Cosmetology 101, Natural Hair Care 101, The Synergy of Wellness and Beauty, along with Basic Braids and Twists Techniques. It's time to unleash your natural beauty potential.


Module Specific Program Options

You are welcome to start any solo module, separate from the full 4-module training. Simply pick and pay:

1- Cosmetology 101 

2- Natural Hair Care 101 

3- The Synergy of Wellness and Beauty

4- Basic Braids and Twists Techniques

You will have the option to jump into the full training or add another module of choice at any time. Join us on this journey towards healthier, happier selves!

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