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Introduction to Natural Hair Care


A self-paced online platform helping you to learn the importance of proper natural hair maintenance with how-to's and routines. By the end of this module, you will be able to: - Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of natural hair care and styling. - Analyze and evaluate the role of the naturalist within the beauty industry. - Understand the practical applications of chemical and natural products and remedies. - Implement healthy natural hair conscious strategies and techniques in real-world scenarios. - Develop your natural hair knowledge and styling skills. - Understand the impact and importance of health consciousness on the natural hair. - Apply the knowledge and skills you have learned to your professional and personal life. We have designed this module to be informative and engaging. Therefore, we encourage you to actively participate in the course, ask questions, and engage in discussions with your peers. By working together, we can create a dynamic and supportive learning community.


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