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Total Body Beauty

Total body beauty is all about loving the entire being and showing love to the entire being, internally and externally. It's about being encouraged into habit changing tendencies that render long-term benefits, well beyond 'surface' goals. It's about knowing that all individuals are worth being empowered by our natural beauty to continue to set healthy natural standards for ourselves.

All About Us

Complete Beauty Solutions is about encouraging, empowering, and educating individuals from all walks of life!

Before we were Complete Beauty Solutions, we were Conveniently Beautiful Styles. As traveling stylist, we focused on healthy hair care and how to maintain hair growth under beautiful protective styles, such as braids, full weaves, and wigs. This focus hit home when the owner, Mizz Taye, faced a serious setback with her oldest daughter's hair and scalp damage from the skin ailment, eczema. As a first time mother, she followed the advice of family and doctors with no actual resolution. Her daughter's hair would be greasy after using suggested products, with piles of flakes and dandruff within the strands. The scalp would be dry and scaly, even though the hair was greasy and gunky. It was an extremely frustrating time, as a professional stylist who was capable of growing the hair of strangers, but not her own daughter.

She would research this ailment and its effects on the hair and skin, as well as the body as a whole. This research began to feed a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to want to help others who may face this same issue. Eventually, the Completely Beautiful Naturals line would be born, but would not be called this, as the only development created at this time was the Hair Growth Oil, which would be rebranded multiple times before finding its home as a Completely Beautiful Naturals product.

At this time, the Hair Growth Oil was developed exclusively for the children and clients of StarDiva's Beauty Boutique, which was an endeavor Mizz Taye was into with her older sister and cosmetologist, Mz Nikki, who now owns and runs Majestic Royalty in the Metro Detroit area, in Michigan. After rave reviews from all clients, Mz Nikki convinced Mizz Taye to market and sell this product online.

Around 2014, with the idea to put over 10 years of natural styles, hair growth, and skin care experience (now over 15 years) with over 5 years of natural hair care, healthy living, and medical experience (now over 10 years) into a full packaged deal, Complete Beauty Solutions was born. Then in 2016, the owner decided to take on Nutritionist education to enhance her own dietary knowledge, aside from her Medical Assisting experience with infectious disease and internal medicine.

The overall mission became helping men, women and children who experience slow hair growth, hair and skin ailments, as well as health issues with the necessary courses and products to promote healthy natural beauty at its finest. Which is from the inside! This is bringing children up to love cooking from scratch. This is giving men and women bonding opportunities with their children, again. This is encouraging women to love who they are naturally, so that they can become the best version of themselves. This is bringing us all back to basics with inner peace and love. This is learning how one thing connects to the other and makes us powerful in our own right, without feeling inferior to societal standards, because we are living in everyday life and may not have the time or money to perfect the idealism of an image.

We offer mentorship, food substitution plans, workout plans, motivational encouragement, natural journey regimen and routine assistance, clean eating plans, natural skincare products, as well as natural hair care products and training.

We are known for our weekly encouragement emails and natural hair care products, as well as natural remedies.

We strive to naturally advance society in an economical way. So, we are not selling actual meal plans or dietary supplements for instant gratification. We are offering the promotion of a healthier happier lifestyle, which can be obtained with the basics of education. Having natural unprocessed products available for those who are looking for natural solutions to hair and skin ailments is a bonus offering for our clients and customers.






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